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How to make Empanadas

April 26, 2016

Remember the first time ate a hot empanada fresh out of the oven? It is indeed a celebration of all five senses. Well, here is your opportunity to surprise your loved ones with your own handmade deliciously baked wraps.

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Doughnuts in syrup

Homemade Doughnuts with Strawberries Syrup

April 19, 2016

Covered in chocolate, glazed with sugar or plain, with a hole in the middle or stuffed with jam, you must love the delicious fried round doughnuts. Well, with this recipe for delicious homemade doughnuts glazed with strawberries syrup, you no longer have to suffer a second without them.

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Delicious Taco Recipe

April 12, 2016

Ah, the taste of a delicious taco. If you could only take a bite of these crunchy hard shelled pieces of heaven. Oh, but you sure could! Just follow the recipe below.

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Vegan Burger

Awesome Beetroot Veggie Burgers

March 22, 2016

Now, here is a nice and easy recipe for a delicious vegan burger. That’s right, you’re not mistaken. This recipe will amaze your taste bulb.
Go on, give it a try.

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jambalaya recipe

Easy Jambalaya Recipe

February 17, 2016

This southern pot of delight is one of New Orleans’s trademarks. But you don’t have to catch the next bus to Louisiana to enjoy the Creole cuisine. Actually, it is one easy to make dish that will take your taste bulbs to a sensual experience. So put on your apron and practice your southern accent, because it is cooking time.

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16 Mobile Apps Any Food Lover Should Know

January 28, 2016

Being a foodie is more than just cooking, talking about food or enjoying a good meal once in a while. It is a whole way of life that is withdrawing its power from the enthusiasm and love of food and everything it is related to, from old fashioned cookbooks to state of the art and high techy gadgets designed to give us a hand in the kitchen. In the past few years, as we rely more and more on our mobile apps to be our guides and mentors, it only makes sense that we would use apps to help us in our gastronomic adventures. Here is a list of the best 16 food related apps that any food lover should know.

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chili con carne

Spicy Mexican Chili Con Carne

January 27, 2016

While the winds are still blowing hard and the winter is in its peak, it is time to make a delicious casserole that will warm you up and spice up your tongue, giving you just what you need to get through the day. Just like this Mexican Chili con Carne that have just the right spice to it.

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Spicy Mexican Chili Con Carne