10 fictional characters that will do quite about anything for a doughnut

March 31, 2016

We all love doughnuts. Really, we do. Some of us more than the others, but you would probably have to look real hard in order to find someone that doesn’t love doughnuts. Here are some of our beloved TV characters that might have taken the love of doughnuts to a whole new level.

1. Homer Simpson

You cannot think of doughnuts without hearing Homer Simpson’s voice in the back of your head. Trust us, we’ve tried.

homer simpson donut gif

2. Agent Dale Cooper

The FBI special agent from the bizarre hit series Twin Peaks is known for his doughnuts love, and if this quote isn’t enough, what is?

dale cooper doughnuts

3. Dexter Morgan

He might be a serial killer, but hey, the guy brings doughnuts.

Dexter doughnuts

4. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore

The mother and daughter that caught our hearts taught us a lot about life, but mostly about doughnuts.

lorelai gilmore doughnuts

5. Liz Lemon

30 Rock’s Liz Lemon has the right answer for one of the oldest questions of all – what is the tastiest dessert ever made?

6. Buster Bluth

The youngest of the Bluth brothers of the hit sitcom Arrested Development had once participated as a subject in a medical THC study. This is what happened next.

Buster Bluth doughnut

7. Xander Harris

Just what you need to get you energised before you fight vampires next to buffy the vampire slayer.

Xander doughnut

8. Patrick

Who said there are no doughnuts in the depth of the ocean?

Patrick doughnut

9. Miranda Hobbes

The redheaded lawyer from Sex and the City had a thing for all kinds of sweet pastries, but her relationship with doughnuts is one to remember.

Miranda hobbes doughnut gif

10. Iron Man

Yes, we know that Tony Stark is not a TV character, but we just couldn’t close this list without the almighty Iron Man. You can see why for yourself.