16 Mobile Apps Any Food Lover Should Know

January 28, 2016

Being a foodie is more than just cooking, talking about food or enjoying a good meal once in a while. It is a whole way of life that is withdrawing its power from the enthusiasm and love of food and everything it is related to, from old fashioned cookbooks to state of the art and high techy gadgets designed to give us a hand in the kitchen. In the past few years, as we rely more and more on our mobile apps to be our guides and mentors, it only makes sense that we would use apps to help us in our gastronomic adventures. Here is a list of the best 16 food related apps that any food lover should know.



A grocery delivery service that will get you whatever you need in just a matter of a few hours, with a really friendly and easy to use interface.

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Grocery IQ

grocery IQ

An easy to use grocery app. Use voice search, autocomplete and other features to search among the app’s enormous database.

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A great food delivery service that serve chilled food. This way, your food is not packed hot, making it sweaty and ruined throughout the delivery.

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An alternative delivery service that offers more than just food. With this app you can order food and extras from local restaurants and other merchants.

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With Seamless, ordering food is effortless. This is one of the easiest apps to use. Just type in the cuisine you had in mind and the app will offer restaurants that deliver to your location.

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We cannot talk about food delivery apps without mentioning Grubhub. Just grab your phone and order your next meal.

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Video travel guide app that amongst all other things, focuses on food, while everything is presented beautifully.

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In this app, you can see where the chefs like to eat when they are not the ones behind the weel.

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Let the app find the best food near your location.

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Book a table in your desired restaurant with just a click.

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This app doesn’t only tell you where to eat, but also what dishes you should eat.

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Don’t feel confident enough in the kitchen? This step by step cooking guide app will change your life.

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Garden Plate

garden plate

Not only for vegetarians. This recipes app may not include burger recipes but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t find some delicious dishes that will satisfy your hunger.

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Forget about grocery delivery apps. With this app you could order wine and liquor deliveries straight to your home.

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The Barman

the barman

And while we’re at it, if you have already ordered liquor, this app will teach you how to make the best cocktails in town.

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Cocktail Flow

cocktail flow

And if the previous app didn’t do the trick, this app is usually referred to as the alcohol encyclopedia, and for a good reason.

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