How to Chop Vegetables Like a Pro

March 26, 2015

One of the most important skills a chef should possess, is the ability to use knife properly. This ability helps them work fast, accurate and safely, making the best of the ingredients they use in creating fabulous and inventive dishes. With a little practice and some guidelines, you too could use a knife like a pro. But where could you find these important guidelines?

Luckily, we are here to help. Here are some great tips to get you started as the master chefs of your own domain.

chopping vegetables

1. Always use a cutting board – no matter what you cut, never do it on a plate, and most certainly, never cut on the hard working areas in your kitchen or on glass surfaces. By using a designated cutting board, you are bound to keep your knife sharp and smooth.

2. Place your cutting board on a solid surface, and make sure the cutting board doesn’t move easily. If it does move, try placing a wet towel under the cutting board. This will help preventing unwanted vibrations.

Chef Knife and sharpener on cutting board

3. Sharper knife = less injuries – surprisingly enough, the more you keep your knifes sharper, the less chances you would accidently cut yourself. The reason for this lies on the ease in cutting your ingredients. When you use a sharp knife, you don’t need to use so much pressure, thus, it is less likely to slip and bruise your hand. For good results, you should use a good, heavy knife that fit your hand. This doesn’t mean you should buy an expensive chef knife if you rarely cook, but you would do yourself a big favor if don’t settle for a cheap one.

keeping the tip of the knife next to the board

4. While chopping, keep the tip of the knife touching the cutting board. The secret in using a good chef knife lies in the oval shape of its blade. By keeping the tip close the cutting board and using the flow of the special shape of the blade, your ingredients will chop easily in neat organized way.

How to Chop vegetables like a pro

5. Hold the ingredients you are chopping properly. In order to do so, hold the ingredients you are chopping properly, form a kind of claw with your fingers, preventing them from being in the middle of the blades way. Lean the knife against your knuckle, pushing it away from your fingertips and preventing misfortunes.

Chopping vegetables like a pro
6. Most important of all – don’t be hasty. Yes, we have all seen the great chefs chop vegetables in the speed of light, but as long as you are not working in a three Michelin star restaurant, feeding hundreds of people a day, there is no need to be in a hurry.  You might work slower than the common chef, but keeping all of your fingers intact is crucial for a serving a nice dinner.