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Our Chef’s Chicken Rice Balls

The Chef in Black is giving his own interpretation to the classic dish
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Stuffed roast Chicken

A Delicious and Simple to Make Dish from the Perakanan Kitchen

Christmas Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

A sweet Treat for a Christmas Day

Easy to make Fried Bread

Ever Tried Baking Bread on a Frying Pan?

Seafood Experience

An Introduction to the Malaysian Cuisine

Perfect Minced Pork Noodles

A Passionate Recipe for a Perfect Noodles Dish

Easy to make Frog Porridge

An easy to make Recipe for a Delicious Frog Porridge

Snail and Cockles fusion

The Art of Fusion Kitchen presented by the Chef in Black

A Mind-Blowing Chili Crab Dish

How to spice up your meal with a Chili Crab dish Singaporean style

Cooking Simple- Smoked Sea Bass

A Simple, Yet Delicious Recipe for a Smoked Sea Bass

A Fresh Start

The importance of Fresh ingredients
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Tasty to the Bones

Exploring the possibilities held in marrow hidden within the bones