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Veal Medalions and Asparagus

A Classic Dish of Veal Fillet and Asparagus in Mushroom and Shallot Vinaigrette
The Sweet Taste Of Home movie

The Sweet Taste Of Home

How to Make a Grandmother's Homemade Apple Pie
Black Spaghetti with Lobster movie

Black Spaghetti with Lobster

Dive Into the Sea Flavors of This Perfect Dish With the Help of Our Chef
Tomato Soup with Calamari movie

Tomato Soup with Calamari

This Fine Appetizer is Expanding the Concept of Soup to a new Level
Watercress Soup with Caviar movie

Watercress Soup with Caviar

An Amazingly Easy to Make And Refreshing Soup
Squab With Grapes movie

Squab With Grapes

Merinated Young Pigeon with Grapes in Creme Fraiche
The Beauty of Fusion movie

The Beauty of Fusion

Combining Continents on One Plate in its Best
Turbot and Stuffed Macaroni movie

Turbot and Stuffed Macaroni

North Atlantic Fish with Artichoke and Foie Gras Filled Pasta
Smoked Trout Salad movie

Smoked Trout Salad

A Perfect Dish For Any Kind Of Diet
How to Make Lobster Rigatoni movie

How to Make Lobster Rigatoni

Perfectly Executed Dish of Lobster Tail on Rigatoni Filled with Vegetable Confit
Wild Strawberries Shortcake movie

Wild Strawberries Shortcake

How to Make the Refreshing Classic and Colorful Treat
Red Fruits Tart movie

Red Fruits Tart

How to Make a Sweet Berries Tart the Patagonian Way