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Pears In Saffron

A Surprising Dessert, Combining the French and Brazilian Kitchens
Zucchini and Seafood movie

Zucchini and Seafood

Srimps, Clams, Langoustines and Squid on a Zucchini Spageti and Tomatoes Sauce
El Bulli Style Coconut Foam movie

El Bulli Style Coconut Foam

How to Make the Famous Dessert by one of the Greatest Chefs of our Time
Chocolate and Hazelnut Tart movie

Chocolate and Hazelnut Tart

How to Make A Perfect Chocolate Tartlette in a Matter of Minutes
Banana Napoleon with a Chocolate Zabajone movie

Banana Napoleon with a Chocolate Zabajone

A Divine Sweet Treat for the Eyes
Mahi Mahi in Saffron movie

Mahi Mahi in Saffron

An Inspiring Fish Fillet Dish, Combining World Wide Flavors
Pefect Goulash Consomme movie

Pefect Goulash Consomme

A Unique and Delicious Twist to The Traditional Hungarian Soup
Chicken Breast with Mushrooms movie

Chicken Breast with Mushrooms

Delisious Dish of Chanterelle Mushrooms Filling a Juicy Chicken Fillet
A Heavenly Start movie

A Heavenly Start

Sautéed Crayfish in Zucchini Cream and White Truffle Oil
Sweet And Sour Delight movie

Sweet And Sour Delight

A Collision of Flavors Leading Brilliantly to Perfection
Traditional Chilean Seafood Stew movie

Traditional Chilean Seafood Stew

Join Us As We Travel To Chile and Learn How To Make The Famous Paila Marina
Layers of Sweetnes movie

Layers of Sweetnes

How to Make a Lime Parfait, Served with Chocolate layers