• Argentina

Stuffed Rack of Lamb

Stuffed Lamb Rack And Loin, Served with Semolina and Vegetables
A Delicious Rabbit Salad movie

A Delicious Rabbit Salad

A Simple Recipe For A Delightful Appetizer Of Rabbit and Greens
Candid Autumn Fruits Recipe movie

Candied Autumn Fruits Recipe

Learn How To Present a Beautiful Garnished Dessert
Rabbit Leg Wrapped in Prosciutto movie

Rabbit Leg Wrapped in Prosciutto

Stuffed Rabbit Leg Wrapped With Prosciutto Straps, Served with Baked Vegetables
Duck Stuffed Ravioli movie

Duck Stuffed Ravioli

The Italian, French and Argentinian Kitchens Combine to a Delicious Unique Dish
Tiramisu With Caramel Recipe movie

Tiramisu With Caramel Recipe

A Special South American Twist on the Traditional Italian Dessert
Chocolate Pudding Ganesha movie

Chocolate Pudding Ganesha

A Special Chocolate Cake Named After The Elephant Faced God
Sole Fillet with Eggplants movie

Sole Fillet with Eggplants

Sole Fish Coated with Eggplants and Gruyere Cheese on Blanched Vegetables
Octopus on Couscous movie

Octopus on Couscous Recipe

A Three Way Octopus, Served on Mediterranean Couscous and Arugula Pesto
Sauteed Prawns in Yellow Curry movie

Sauteed Prawns in Yellow Curry

Prawns in Coconut Cream and Curry on Yameni Rice and Vegetables
Grilled Buffalo Provlone movie

Grilled Buffalo Provlone

Semi Melted Cheese on Fennel and Marinated Tomatoes Salad
Tropical Foie Gras movie

Tropical Foie Gras

Goose Liver on Pan Fried Mango and Papaya