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Guava Mousse in Tropical Fruits Soup

Guava Mousse On Sponge Cake, Served With Tropical Fruits Soup, Tuile Cookies and Mascarpone Ice Cream
Fruity Shrimps Appetizer movie

Fruity Shrimps Appetizer

Sauteed Shrimps with Assorted Tropical Fruits
Passion Fruit Chiboust Recipe movie

Passion Fruit Chiboust Recipe

Learn How To Make The Wnderful Sweet French Dessert with a Special Caribbean Twist
Chocolate Hazelnut Napoleon movie

Chocolate Hazelnut Napoleon

A Delicious Dessert, Consisting of Layered Chocolate Cake and Passion Fruit Surprise
Passion Fruit Mousse movie

Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe

Caribbean Sweet Mousse In Tuile Cookie Cones
How To Make Crepe Passion movie

How To Make Crepe Passion

A Delicious Crepe Souffle, Stuffed with Pastry Cream and Served With Sweet Passion Fruit Sauce
Passion Fruit Pancake Souffle movie

Passion Fruit Pancake Souffle

A Special Combination of Souffle and Pancake, That Construct New and Fascinating Flavors
Caribbean Tart Tatin movie

Caribbean Tart Tatin

Small Apple Tart Tatin with Rum Gelatin and Fruits
Delicious Lemongrass Panna Cotta movie

Delicious Lemongrass Panna Cotta

A Refreshing Fruity Version Of The Sweet Italian Dessert
Rockfish Fillet in Passion Fruit Sauce movie

Rockfish Fillet in Passion Fruit Sauce

Caribbean Fish With Fruity Sauce on Green Leaves and Sweet Potato Threads
Tropical Sweetness movie

Tropical Sweetness

Tropical Fruits and Mascarpone in Coconut Napoleon