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Scallop Mousse Stuffed Shrimps

Large Shrimps Stuffed With Scallops Mousse, Served with Zucchini Spaghetti
Scallops on Sweet Potatoes Relish movie

Scallops on Sweet Potatoes Relish

Seered Scallops On a Mixture of Sweet Potatoes and Assorted Vegetables
Jamaican Lobster Souffle movie

Jamaican Lobster Souffle

Zucchini and Lobster Souffle With Salted Cod Fish And Boiled Ackee Fruit
Stuffed Rack of Lamb movie

Stuffed Rack of Lamb

Stuffed Lamb Rack And Loin, Served with Semolina and Vegetables
Hawaiian Onaga Fillet movie

Hawaiian Onaga Fillet

Ginger Scallions Crusted Onaga Fillet with Miso Sesame Vinaigrette
Parmesan Basket With Polenta movie

Parmesan Basket With Polenta

Edible Basket filled With Baked Vegetables and Polenta Cake
Caribbean Lobster Spring Rolls movie

Caribbean Lobster Spring Rolls

Wonton Wrappers Stuffed With Caribbean Lobster Tail and Vegetables and Served with Curry Dipping
Brilliant Lamb With Porcini Risotto movie

Brilliant Lamb With Porcini Risotto

Rack of Lamb With Cresmy Mushroom Risotto and Crispy Vegetables
Pheasant Mousse in Phyllo Dough movie

Pheasant Mousse in Phyllo Dough

A Special Recipe For a Pheasant Meat and Vegetable Mousse Wrapped in Phyllo Dough with Cream Sauce
Steamed Seafood Laulau movie

Steamed Seafood Laulau

A Hawaiian Steamd Seafood Package in Tea Leaves
Wellington Kailua movie

Wellington Kailua

Seared Tuna Wrapped With Pastry Dough and Assorted Vegetables on Hearts of Palm
Sturgeon Fillet Tournedos movie

Sturgeon Fillet Tournedos

Atlantic Fish With Assorted Seafood and Saffron